Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients have to say!

Thank you all so much for helping take care of Walter every day! We love bringing our dog to Sparky’s! The staff are always super friendly and helpful. You can tell that they all have a deep love for animals. Our dog is always so happy to get there in the morning, and it’s so nice knowing he has a great place to play and is well taken care of during the day. They have come through on some last minute boarding requests too! We would recommend Sparky’s to anyone! 

– Brittany

I have a young, energetic dog that has terrible separation anxiety and gets bored easily when left alone. I’m so glad I found Sparky’s doggie daycare to help me with Sam while I’m at work! I feel comfortable know he is in good hands, and every time i pick him up he is exhausted from having so much fun! Thank you so much! 

– Mary & Sam

I can’t say enough wonderful things about At Play with Sparky! My dog loves coming and hanging out with her friends. All I have to say is “Sparky” and she is begging to get out of the car! And at the end of the day, I pick up a very happy and very tired dog.

– Lacie

I adopted my dog Tracks from Brother Wolf. He has detached retinas, and because he can’t see he is afraid of many things, but not coming to Sparky’s! He loves his time at Sparky’s and the friendly staff. Sometimes I’m ready to leave and he’s still snoozing on the couch, all I have to say is “are you ready to go to Sparky’s – and he’s at the door!

– Sue Potter & Tracks

I would like to commend Russ and Tara Erickson and all the wonderful staff at At Play with Sparky for the great job they do. My boy, Bodhi, has been playing there since he was a pup, over four years now. It would put folks in a bind if they weren’t there when you expected them to be, but they always are! They’re there from very early in the morning to late at night, and always with a great attitude! The hours they keep are a big help to a working person. What’s even more amazing is the extremely high caliber of the folks who work there. Everyone I encounter is always friendly and kind and conscientious, and it’s obvious that they care a great deal about our pets. I have always been pleasantly surprised at Russ and Tara’s ability to find and keep such fantastic folks.

– Mark & Bodhi 

Shortly after At Play with Sparky opened, my owner and I came to investigate. We liked what we saw: equipment to play on, sand, wading pools and lots of dogs to play with. Since I live in a condominium, I don’t have a yard. Going to Sparky’s is such a treat for me; I go 2 or 3 times a week. I can tell when I’m getting close to Sparky’s; then I start pacing back and forth in my station wagon. I can’t wait to arrive and start playing. Everyone at Sparky’s is so friendly and kind to me. They took extra good care of me when my owner was in a car accident. I think of Sparky’s as part of my family.

– Rhett “Regal” Beagle & Linda

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your wonderful staff. No worries for me if Gracie is visiting At Play with Sparky’s for her daily doggie play care or if she is boarding with you when I am out of town on business. Moving from a house with a fenced yard into a condo would have certainly been stressful for Gracie (and therefore, me) if she did not have the ability to romp and play all day at Sparky’s. I cannot believe that she has been a regular for almost two years. She was a rambunctious one year old yellow Labrador when she first started coming and is now a little more calm and mature. The staff always seems genuinely pleased to see her when she arrives in the morning. I know the feeling is mutual as she starts twirling around and wagging her tail in the back of the car as soon as we are within a few blocks. She doesn’t even give me a backwards glance when she is headed out to the yard with the staff. Thank you so much for all that you do!

– Carol Davis & Gracie Mae Davis

We love knowing that our puppy Delilah is so well cared for when she spends time with her friends At Play with Sparky’s. There’s no doubt how all the staff members genuinely love the dogs! Delilah is always excited to jump in the car and go spend the day at Sparky’s, and she is always happy when we pick her up. She is a very social dog, by nature, and spending the day playing and having fun with other dogs and the staff is a wonderful opportunity for her and for our family. We also feel very lucky to be able to rely on Sparky’s for grooming for our pets, and for overnight stays when necessary. It makes business travel much easier to know that our dogs are in the care of friends!

– Marianne & Cindy Puechl-Sproul & Delilah & Duncan

Brie obviously must love going to daycare at Sparky’s because as soon as she walks through the door, she forgets who I am as she rushes to whoever is working that day. And when I come to pick her up its as if she is saying oh no not now, I think I’ll just stay and play some more. I know for a fact that she loves the daycare’s sand box, because she carries most of the sand home with her. Brie, after daycare sleeps until the next day; so I know she has expended a lot of energy playing with all the other dogs. Thanks to daycare Brie is a very socialized Rottweiler who loves everyone. I sometimes thinks Brie likes daycare better than me, but Tara assures me that isn’t so.

– Roxann Sizemore & Brie

Our dog Branson loves going to At Play with Sparky! He gets to socialize with his buddies and is well cared for by a knowledgeable staff. We have taken him to play at Sparky’s since August 1, 2003. At Play with Sparky is located close to our home so it is convenient for drop off and pick up for us. We have boarded him for several days at a time. He usually comes home wickedly happy with all the play! Try it out – it will be good for your dog(s) & for you knowing they are safe & happy!

– Nancy Byer & Branson

Rocky has been going to daycare at Sparky’s since November of 2003; he loves spending the day there while I’m at work, and gets excited about playing with all his doggie friends. In the morning, after I mention that he’s going to Sparky’s for the day, his tail starts wagging, and his excitement shows that he cannot wait to go. And I look forward to his warm and playful greeting when I pick him up after work. The owner and staff of At Play With Sparky have earned my deep trust (and admiration) for the way they treat my best friend.

– Greg Dill & Rocky